St. John the Baptist- Value’s To Live By

St. John, Bapist and Evangelist

Patron Saint of:  Jordan, Puerto Rico, Knights Hospitaller of Jerusalem, French Canada, Newfoundland, Cesena, Florence, Genoa, Monza, Perth (Scotland), and Porto, San Juan.

Saint John




Saint John the Baptist was responsible for baptizing Jesus Christ and actually helped teach Jesus many of the important values for which he taught.  


Saint John led a virtuous and some-say controversial life.  By baptizing people, he let them “shed their old life and begin anew”.  John had prophesized that a figure greater than him would come along (Jesus) and be “baptized not with water, but with Holy Spirit”.

This later came to be true, and both Jesus and John witnessed the sky open up above the River Jordan and hear God proclaim “You are my Son, the Beloved; with you I am well pleased.” (Mark 1:1-8)